Pressing Into Your Promise

St. Mark. 5:25-28 { And a certain woman, which had an ISSUE of blood 12 years, and had SUFFERED many things of many physicians, and had spent ALL that she had, and was nothing better, but rather grew WORSE, when she HEARD of Jesus, came in THE PRESS behind, and Touched His garment: for she said, if I may but touch His clothes, I shall be WHOLE. }

Now, this woman was truly sick. She had done everything that she could do, to try and help HERSELF, and she spend ALL she had to try and get WELL: but instead of getting better, she GREW WORSE. When Jesus FAME got around, and she heard of His MIRACLES on others; then her FAITH increased to the point that she headed out to find this man called Jesus of Nazareth.

She said WITHIN HERSELF( she said nothing to others) but within herself; that if she could TOUCH JUST HIS CLOTHES; then she would be whole~(complete, healed). She had so much faith in Jesus that she didn’t even need Him to speak, or lay hands on her, etc.~ but she knew that whatever POWER He had flowing through His body~ that it had to be also in His CLOTHES.

Thus, she started in the crowd Press, and she got Blessed. She got her Blessing in her Pressing. If she has waited, and not went for herself; then she would probably have missed her blessings of being healed. Beloved, I encourage you to go to the Lord for yourself, and add your faith to what you need, so you can obtain the PROMISE OF LIFE in Christ Jesus, and the receive the blessings of what God has for you.

{Cleanse the INSIDE first}

{St.Matthew 23: verses 25-28} Jesus is talking to the Jewish Leaders. He is making a parable of comparing OUTWARD THINGS unto INWARD conditions of the heart. In reality, Jesus is telling them how hypocritical they are being; by doing things that make them LOOK RIGHTEOUS OUTWARDLY to others, but deep inside their heart, they are full of hypocrisy ( pretense) and iniquity ( sins ).

You know, even unto this day, there are some people who APPEAR to the public as being holy, sanctified, and unstained: but when God begins to UNCOVER, AND UNVEIL them on a constant basis; then we understand that we were only seeing the SURFACE of what was appearing to be right. Now, please understand that only God can see an individual’s spirit (heart ) unless He reveals it to you through DISCERNMENT or through the gift of discerning of spirits.

Jesus was telling many of the Leaders that they appear to men as WHITE SEPULCHERS ( clean & pure) but inwardly were full of dead men’s bones (lifeless & dead). He said they also APPEAR RIGHTEOUS unto men, but within are full of HYPOCRISY & INIQUITY { deception & wickedness}

In other words, people can seem to be without Reproach, but yet they are also without Repentance: they can look obviously Pure, but yet be absolutely Profane: they can be perceived visibly as being Great, but yet inside they are full of filthy lucre & GREED. That’s why we should not just look at the TREE, but inspect the FRUIT that it is revealing: because God will eventually show you the GENUINE ROOT. {Take heed that you be not deceived}


I believe that God VIEWS our Motives for doing something~ as MORE important than He does our Actions in doing it.

The Lord wants us to do the right thing for the RIGHT reasons, and not be doing the right thing for THE WRONG REASONS.

You see, Motives are related to the HEART, not to our emotions. God looks at the core ROOT and the INNER being of us, and He can discern EVERYTHING. (Hebrews 4:12)

He is the one who SEARCHES our heart, and SEEKS to clear us of any guilt or UnGodly thing in us. He searches our heart NOT to find faults & flaws (because He already know we have them) but to make us AWARE of our issues that need to be DEALT WITH. (PSALM.139:23-24)

{Being WEIGHED by the Lord}

Proverbs 16:2 says (“ All the ways of a man are clean IN HIS OWN EYES; but the Lord WEIGHS the Spirit.”) The Lord is not weighing your body; He is weighing your spirit: in other words, He judges your MOTIVES, and examines your INTENTS. When He weighs you; He is the one who Determines, Observes, and Inspects the CAUSES of our actions.

You see, in our own eyes, we may think that we are RIGHT & INNOCENT, or even justifiable about things we say or do: but it is the Lord who makes the FINAL ANALYSIS after looking at our heart.

Now granted; we all should examine our heart in everything; but sometimes we don’t do a very good job, and that’s when God steps in and pulls our secrets out of the closet and shows them unto US, and says “ you forgot to deal with this of that, etc”.

The Lord deals with our spirit, and then illuminates our minds to see the light of His knowledge concerning the details of OUR OWN LIFE. Always be honest with God; because He knows how to put us on the SCALES of justice, and weigh us in the balance.

(Walking Upright)

Psalms 84:11 is stated ” The Lord God is a Sun and Shield: the Lord will give grace and glory: NO GOOD THING will He withhold from them that walk upright”.

The Lord does not keep good things away from His people when they are walking in His favor, and living in His purpose.

This verse says that He doesn’t withhold GOOD things: which also means that if something is NOT good for you, or is harmful to you; then He withholds only those things from you; even though YOU may think it is good.

If it is NOT GOOD, and in your best interest; then like a good father; the Lord will BLOCK it from your life. It is His Will that ONLY goodness and mercy follow you all the days of your life on this earth.

{Wheat & Tears Together}

In the 13th chapter of St. Matthew~verses 24-30 and then verses 36-43; Jesus plainly describes WHO the Good Seed and the Tares are; and WHAT they represent, and also who PLANTED them.

He explains that the Good Seed are the children of God’s kingdom, and the Tares are the children of the wicked one: furthermore Jesus continues by saying the enemy who sowed the Tares are the devil, and that God is the one who sowed the Good Seed.

I believe the POINT of this parable is for us to not try to SEPARATE people who we think are right versus those whom we think are wrong in our sight: but to only judge the FRUIT of the tree, and not the tree itself.

Lastly~if we judge people in our families and churches; then we will no doubt OFFEND AND DRIVE away the good as well as the evil; because in the case of planting and gathering; then wheat and tares, good and evil, are so closely grown, mingled, and knitted together, that in separating, you will DAMAGE both sides.

Let the Lord REVEAL to you the Genuine and the false; and then you will know which ones to cling unto, and which ones to keep your distance from: in order for you to not become INFLUENCED by evil habits, corrupt speech, and immoral behavioral lifestyles.

I am the Lord: I change not…(Mal.3:6)

God is the only person who DOES NOT change, and CANNOT change. He is FOREVER the same.

His NATURE, His PERSONALITY, His WAYS, and His WORD, are infallible and continuous. He is a ROCK in all things that He sets Himself to perform.

God’s METHODS, His APPROACH, His ARRANGEMENTS, His CHANNELS, may be different if He chooses to divert them: but as for HIMSELF~as His personage, personality, and personage, nature, does not alter.

You don’t have to worry about Him being moody, or unreliable, or unstable in any form at any time. You don’t have to try and figure out if He is going to be one way today, and another way tomorrow. NO NO NO: He is a God that changes not.

You can REST in Him: you can always RUN to Him: you can totally RELY on Him. He is more DEPENDABLE than the rising of the sun.

Living with a Foundational life

{St.Matt. 7:24-25} Therefore whosoever HEARS these saying of mine, and DOES THEM: I will liken him unto a wise man that build his house upon a ROCK: and the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house, and it did NOT fall, because it was founded upon a rock.

The foundation that your LIFE is build upon, will determine what it CAN OR CANNOT be destroyed by.

When your life is build upon the PRINCIPALS, MORALS, AND VALUES of God’s covenant Word; and you LIVE BY THEM; then your life will be balanced, solid, and stable; with the understanding, wisdom, and prudence of knowing ASSUREDLY that man does not live by bread alone: but by every Word that comes out of the mouth of God. {St.Matt.4:4}

Living by God’s precepts are for our GOOD. If keeps us from engaging in things that will HARM US in now and in the future: and it encourages us to love the GOOD AND SHUN EVIL; to seek peace, and not conflicts. Most of all, His guidance teaches us to love the Lord our God will ALL OF OUR HEART, mind, soul, and strength, and to keep His ways; and love our neighbor as ourself. {Ps.128:1} {St.Matt.22:37~39} {1.Pet.3:10-12}

Your Perception & Mentality makes a great difference.

2.Kings 6:15~17 {When the king of Israel was warring with the king of Syria: the prophet Elisha prayed that God would open the eyes of his servant; so that the servant could see that the SPIRITUALLY real victory was with them; when he said “there are MORE with them than there are against them”.}

The way you SEE things has a lot to do with how well you ADAPT, or FARE in them. How you view your battles, often depends upon the type of VICTORY you gain: whether it’s total victory, or just partial victory, or accepted defeat.

Your spiritual PERCEPTION has to be more keen than your natural perception: because often~things begin in the SPIRITUAL REALM before they even start to manifest in the natural realm.

When you can’t UNDERSTAND something, or can’t seem to VIEW things the way God is telling you about it; then ask Him to OPEN YOUR EYES, so you can see the reality of what is actually happening.