Living with a Foundational life

{St.Matt. 7:24-25} Therefore whosoever HEARS these saying of mine, and DOES THEM: I will liken him unto a wise man that build his house upon a ROCK: and the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house, and it did NOT fall, because it was founded upon a rock.

The foundation that your LIFE is build upon, will determine what it CAN OR CANNOT be destroyed by.

When your life is build upon the PRINCIPALS, MORALS, AND VALUES of God’s covenant Word; and you LIVE BY THEM; then your life will be balanced, solid, and stable; with the understanding, wisdom, and prudence of knowing ASSUREDLY that man does not live by bread alone: but by every Word that comes out of the mouth of God. {St.Matt.4:4}

Living by God’s precepts are for our GOOD. If keeps us from engaging in things that will HARM US in now and in the future: and it encourages us to love the GOOD AND SHUN EVIL; to seek peace, and not conflicts. Most of all, His guidance teaches us to love the Lord our God will ALL OF OUR HEART, mind, soul, and strength, and to keep His ways; and love our neighbor as ourself. {Ps.128:1} {St.Matt.22:37~39} {1.Pet.3:10-12}

Your Perception & Mentality makes a great difference.

2.Kings 6:15~17 {When the king of Israel was warring with the king of Syria: the prophet Elisha prayed that God would open the eyes of his servant; so that the servant could see that the SPIRITUALLY real victory was with them; when he said “there are MORE with them than there are against them”.}

The way you SEE things has a lot to do with how well you ADAPT, or FARE in them. How you view your battles, often depends upon the type of VICTORY you gain: whether it’s total victory, or just partial victory, or accepted defeat.

Your spiritual PERCEPTION has to be more keen than your natural perception: because often~things begin in the SPIRITUAL REALM before they even start to manifest in the natural realm.

When you can’t UNDERSTAND something, or can’t seem to VIEW things the way God is telling you about it; then ask Him to OPEN YOUR EYES, so you can see the reality of what is actually happening.

The NEW you

{2.Cor.5:17~Therefore if any man be in CHRIST; he is a NEW creature: old things have passed away; behold-all things have become new.} As a child of God~ THIS IS WHO YOU ARE NOW.

YOU are new. When you are saved, and born again in Christ Jesus; you have passed from death unto life~1.Jh.3:14} The love of God now abides in you, and you are filled with it. You have passed out of the death of the old things you use to DO, and the old sinful life you use to live, and from the old adulterated habits that separated you from God.

YOU are a new being in your spirit: and have been translated from satan’s kingdom of darkness into God’s kingdom of Light; where your new life have begun~ along with the new lifestyle that pleases God.

The Power of Patience

The Christian race is NOT A COMPETITION. It’s not a point of who is the greatest, or the most powerful. It is the point of ENDURANCE. It is just like Jesus said; he that endures unto THE END shall be saved. In other words, if you stay in THE FAITH, and don’t fall away, or draw back, or give up in your salvation; then you will enter the kingdom of heaven with joy. You see, there’s a lot of people who started out, but didn’t hold out. There’s a lot of people who began in Christ; but didn’t finish their course in Him. PATIENCE is one of the keys to ENDURANCE. We must not be hasty, and rush around in our journey through life. We must take each day as it comes, and handle each trial as it presents itself, and overcome each test and temptation in the GRACE OF GOD, and in the mercy He gives us each day. You see, although Jesus had a great work; yet He never RUSHED, OR RAN to get it done. He just trusted His Father in the processes, and therefore HE PREVAILED. (St.Matt.10:22/ Ecc.9:11/ Heb.10:36/ Heb.6:12

Being Strong In Christ Jesus

{Eph.6:10~Finally, my brethren, BE STRONG in the Lord, and in the power of HIS MIGHT.} Beloved, if we are going to Endure unto the end in these last days; then we are going to need to find our strength IN GOD ALONE, and nobody else. Things are going to get a lot tougher, and we must be ready to face THE CHALLENGES AHEAD, along with the Crisis at hand in this nation. Beloved! We don’t stand a chance without GOD on our side, and WE on His side. Our God is MIGHTY & He is STRONG. We must stay sheltered in His word of truth & under His tent of righteousness. SAFTEY is only in Him: whether we are rich or poor, high or low; because money & assets will be of no value as we proceed into FUTURE EVENTS. We must put on the WHOLE ARMOR OF GOD, that we may be ABLE TO STAND against the wiles of the devil: because you can’t fight without armor, and you can’t stand with strength. (Eph.6:11/ Pr.21:31/ Ps.4:8/ Ps.12:5)

Growing Up in “HIM” (2.Pet.3:18)

The Lord wants us to grow in KNOWLEDGE as well as in Grace. We need the wisdom of God, and the knowledge of God to know how to FLOW within the grace given to us, and the spiritual gifts bestowed upon us.

Many who are blessed with the grace of having these God given gifts; use them UNWISELY & MANIPULATIVE to their own advantages, and to profit themselves unjustly by the ignorance of those who look up to them for ADVICE & MENTORSHIP.

These things ought not to be. Making MERCHANDISE of others are not God’s way of prospering you, and it is certainly not the way He promotes you. God’s FAVOR bestowed upon you is within the righteousness of His NATURE.