THE FAITH OF GOD IN US ( active faith)

Heb.11:3 says that “Through faith we understand that the worlds were FRAMED (created or build) by the WORD OF GOD, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear”. You see, what God is saying is that HE CREATED ALL THINGS BY WHAT HE SAID. What we see today in this universe, were CREATED BY WORDS, GOD’S OWN WORDS: so I encourage you today to SPEAK GOD’S WORDS OVER YOUR OWN LIFE, and THE WORD will create your life the way it should be, and in the way that it is suppose to go, and in the order it is suppose to flow. Just begin to speak what GOD HAS SAID about you, and what HE HAS SPOKEN to you: then your life will begin to DEVELOPE in faith and hope, and you will be INSPIRIED and INFLUENCED for good all the days of your life. 

March into your Millennium 

March into your VICTORY THROUGH INVITATION of faith in God’s Word. (PS.107:20 says” HE SENT HIS WORD, AND HEALED THEM, AND DELIVERED THEM FROM THEIR DESTRUCTIONS “)  Faith in God’s Word, and Belief in His Promises will deliver, free, and liberate you from DESTRUCTION, CALAMITY, AND CORRUPTION. The Lord intends for you to have LIFE AND SOUNDNESS OF SPIRIT: not just soundness of mind and body; and He wants your spirit to be whole, by your COMMUNION AND CONNECTION  WITH HIM. Quit beleving every negative thing you hear, or that somebody tells you, and start beliving what God has said ABOUT YOU, AND TO YOU, through His Word. God MADE you, and CREATED you, and He knows MORE about you than anyone else. Rest in the Lord, and let your TRUST be in Christ alone.