Christ revealed in you

Rom.8:29 {For whom He did foreknow, He also did predestinate TO BE CONFORMED TO THE IMAGE OF HIS SON, that He might be the firstborn among many brethren.} God wants us to be a REFLECTION of Jesus His Son: and not a Replica of somebody else. How are you going to fulfill your mission, and finish your course that God has purposed, and assigned for you; if you’re always trying to imitate someone besides who YOU’RE SUPPOSE TO BE REPRESENTING. We are ambassadors of Christ; sent into the world to make disciples of all nations IN HIS NAME.

Never Alone

Heb.13:5 {Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as you have: FOR HE HATH SAID, I will never leave you, not forsake you} Beloved! When you have the Lord in your life; YOU WILL NEVER BE ALONE AGAIN. I didn’t say you would never be lonely: I said you would never Be Alone. God is forever with you. He is the only person whom you can share ALL YOUR MOST INTIMATE THINGS WITH~ who will not condemn, disregard, or despise you: but as you call upon Him; HE WILL HELP & CONSOLE YOU; not hurt & condemn you. Yes, God hates our sin, and He does not condone it; but He does not condemn you either: rather He convicts you enough for you to draw near unto His THRONE OF GRACE that you may find grace to help you out of it FOR TOTAL DELIVERANCE, before it destroys your life. God is not like man in an agreement. GOD KEEPS HIS WORD: and He honors His covenant. When He said He’ll never leave you, or forsake you; then beloved! count it as a done deal: because YOU NOW HAVE A TRUE FRIEND UNTO THE END.

God’s Enduring Love

Rom. 5:5 {Hope makes us unashamed; because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts BY THE HOLY GHOST which is given unto us} NOTHING can compare to God’s love in your spirit: because the GOD KIND OF LOVE can induce you to love those who HATE YOU: it will cause you to DO GOOD to those who use you: it will cause you to fervently PRAY for those who are PERSECUTING YOU: and it will cause you to BLESS those who CURSE YOU; and cause you to even LAY DOWN YOUR LIFE for those who would TAKE YOURS. Love is the FIRST FRUIT of the Spirit that you will recognize in a person who is truly born again. Love is the FIRST INGREDIENT that you will know, feel, and exert when you are saved: because you see; love is what HOLDS EVERYTHING ELSE TOGETHER, and put all other fruits in perspective. GOD IS LOVE: and any person who does not love is not BORN OF GOD. The only thing God hates is SIN, and anything that sin represents; but He loves people. I encourage you to EXAMINE YOUR HEARTS DAILY, and see if you’re in the love of God, and to see if you’re letting His love flow IN you, and by you; so that others who don’t know Jesus; might at least get a small example of what it’s like to know true love by allowing Christ Jesus to love them THROUGH YOU.

Sanctification & Dedication

2.Timothy 2:21….If a man therefore PURGE HIMSELF from these; he shall be a vessel unto honour, SANCTIFIED, and useful for the masters use, and prepared unto every good work. God will set you apart, cleanse, and SANCTIFY YOU to do His Will: but DEDICATION is what you do yourself. When you’re chosen for a specific purpose and assignment such as JOHN THE BAPTIST, THE APOSTLES, OR PAUL, ETC. then you cannot allow yourself to be involved in everything that is presented to you. It takes a SOLD OUT DECISION to the Lord, in order to become a VESSEL OF HONOR; in which you will bring glory to God in your spirit, soul, and body through SANCTIFICATION, and in THE SPIRIT OF HOLINESS in the Lord.  You see, your ordained purpose will not be accomplished without your COOPERATION OF LIVING  BY THE WORD, and walking according to His DIVINE WILL FOR YOUR LIFE.  There is a price to press into the HIGH CALLINGS of God. The question you need to ask yourself is ” Am I Willing “.  If you’re willing to walk in that gift; then God will give you the grace, and ability to achieve it according to His Will. 

(For Your Good~For Your Profit & For Your Peace)

Rom.8:28 {And we know that ALL THINGS work together for good to them THAT LOVE GOD, to them who are THE CALLED according to His purpose} King Davd said this in Psalms 119:67″ BEFORE I was afflicted, I went astray: BUT NOW I have kept thy word “.  God allows things in our life for a Reason, and for a Season; until we learn to know Obey~ believe His Word, and know that He is truly our Father, and True Shepherd, who teaches us for our own profit; who guides us for our good, and who protects us according as He has promised.  You see, not all negative experiences are bad: instead they are tests, and lessons that come to TEACH US , and not to DEFEAT US. For, example, we have tests in school that are sometimes hard to do; but as we study the lesson in progress, and come to understand it; then it proves to WORK FOR OUR GOOD LEARNING, AND THEN IT PROFITS US LATER IN LIFE.  Many things we go through is a blessing in disguise; because we would not be as close to God as we are today, if we had not gone through it.  If SOME PEOPLE, AND SOME THINGS had stayed in your life; then you would not be saved today, and some of us would not even be alive this moment to say “THANK YOU JESUS” for bring me out: so don’t consider everything that has left your life to be a Loss: some things and some people are a blessing to be gone away from you. God loves us, and He alone can PERFECT US: so He is always watching over His word to perform it in our life; because He has begun a GOOD WORK IN US; and He will finish it until the day of Christ.  

Stedfast Faith

PS.27:1-2 {” The Lord is my LIGHT AND MY SALVATION: whom shall I fear? The Lord is the STRENGTH OF MY LIFE; of whom shall I be afraid? When the wicked, even my enemies and my foes came upon me TO EAT UP (devour) my flesh (my life); THEY STUMBLED AND FELL}  Don’t let the devil STEAL your peace~ KILL your joy~ or DESTROY your love: sure, some things will happen that will make us Upset, and get us Uptight; but don’t allow these attacks, and assualts upon your life to cause you to BECOME SHAKEN~ UNSURE~ or Unsteady OF YOUR FAITH IN GOD. Offences will come, but WOE unto that person through whom they come–(LK..17:1) Just because there’s a storm in your life~still doesn’t mean there has to be a storm in your heart.  DON’T BE MOVED BY THESE THINGS. This earthly life can be full of rest & peace; but it can sometimes be full of RESISTANCE & PAIN; simply because ALL of us have spiritual demonic ADVERSARIES who are nothing but FALLEN ANGELS. Just fear God, and obey Him, and let His Presence be your most REQUIRED NECESSITY & NEED above all else. #BeBlessedMediaFriends

Believing Is Seeing

St.John 11:40~ Jesus said unto Martha: didn’t I say unto you that if you would BELIEVE; then you would SEE the glory of God?  The Lord responds to faith: and He requires for us to trust Him; even when the circumstances are in complete denial of His Word. FAITH PLEASES GOD: and it is faith that moves God. You will see all that God has promised you in His Word come to pass; if you will JUST TRUST AND OBEY His instructions, and walk according to principals: then you also will see the glory of God.