(St.Jh. 5:26-27~For as the Father hath life in Himself; so hath He give to the Son to have life in Himself; and hath given Him AUTHORITY to execute judgement also, because He is the Son of man.)

Jesus authority did not come from MAN: it came from GOD. Listen, when you go out into the world on a MISSION, or an ASSIGNMENT; make sure that God sent you. Now, I am not talking about an Errand or task that somebody wants you to go fulfill: I am talking a CALLING, DESTINY, OR PURPOSE, as being chosen by the Lord to do something.

Jesus authority was NOTICED by others, so that they KNEW it was authentic and UNDISPUTED; because He did not teach them as the scribes and Pharisees did; relying on the confirmation and approval of others, or like legal experts & scholars: but rather as on HIS OWN Spiritual Intuition, and as one who had authority ALL BY HIMSELF~St.Mt.7:29.

If you go on an assignment, make sure that GOD SENT YOU, and not MAN. Be certain that HE chose you for that purpose. So many preachers, teachers, and prophets were SOLELY ordained by man, and God had nothing to do with it: they WENT, but they were not SENT. They were not sent with the authority of GOD: they went with the authority of man, and there is a big difference between the two.

If your CALLING did not come from man; then your authority didn’t come from man either. If God CHOSE you; then He will back you UP; even when everyone else wants you to back DOWN. You see, although people may not say nothing to you about it; but most of them can tell when you are TRULY CALLED BY GOD, and anointed by Him in what you do. Listen! most people are smarter than they look, even though they are silent.

One more thing before I leave this message: Authority is not you screaming, shouting, yelling or fussing. Authority comes from WITHIN~ not without. It is God’s Spirit in your voice, and His anointing is in the SOUND of your voice, and thus, He is validating what you say. People will HEAR GOD in your words and speech.

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